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'Sex Criminals Volume 1' Matt Fraction


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'Sex Criminals Volume 1' Matt Fraction

So its about sex, but isn’t about sex. It’s also about being a total badass.

 Matt Fraction is a goddamn genius. He has so cleverly managed to revive the awkward, shame-filled and embarrassing memories of being a teenager and celebrate them. I’ll explain the basic premise.

Suzie discovers at a young age that whenever she has an orgasm, time stands still. She pretty wigged out about it, thinks that it might be a normal part of one’s sexual evolution. Soon she realises that it isn’t typical and thus begins her life of sexual disappointment. (There’s a brilliant scene in a toilet cubicle at her highschool where Suzie asks an ‘experienced’ popular girl about sex who draws her diagrams of bizarre and hilarious sexual positions on the bathroom wall) 

Years pass, now enter Jon, he’s a bit of a dude, they get it on and they realise that they both have the same ability of being about to make time stop.

So now they start robbing banks and doing all sorts of cool shit.

There’s also a wicked cameo from ‘The Sex Police’ who have pretty sweet costumes and their weapons are dildos. I won’t say anymore.

Overall, I thought this comic was deeply provocative but executed in a light-hearted manner that made it so easy to read and crazy funny. Super excited to get the rest of the volumes in. 


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