'Pencilled In' #3

Pencilled In

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'Pencilled In' #3

Pencilled In #3: Food

More amazing work by Asian Australian artists! This very special issue also includes recipes and reflections from Eileen Chong, Isabelle Li, Sheila Ngoc Pham, Lachlan Brown, and Wai Chim.


About Pencilled In

"Asian Australian artists are underrepresented in the Australian arts industry, and have been for a considerable amount of time. Young artists, especially, are feeling the pinch more than ever, and opportunities can be difficult to come by. Many young Asian Australians are discouraged from entering the arts industry by their parents or other family members – and instead, embark on careers in other areas. Even so, we all have that drawing hidden away in a sketchbook, an outline of a story lurking in the back of our heads, or an unfinished poem we never got the chance to revisit. Bits and pieces of art that are eternally pencilled in.

Pencilled In, then, seeks to highlight and showcase art by young Asian Australians. It is a chance for emerging artists to have their work published, and hopes to provide a platform for such artists to forge meaningful relationships. We are looking for fiction (both flash fiction and longer forms), non-fiction, poetry, graphic art, and illustration.

We are hoping to have print and digital versions for purchase – all proceeds will go towards paying artists. We will also reassess payment amounts as readership and orders increase."

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