Consignment and Exhibition Information

Here at Junky having a solid amount of local work is important and wonderful!
We take local zines, prints, poetry, art work, apparel, jewellery etc!
***** WE ARE NO LONGER TAKING CONSIGNMENT STOCK FOR 2018! Feel free to contact us again in the new year!
Consignment and Commissions

If you want to put up a some works/prints or sell your comics and zines, this is done on a consignment basis.
If you have work you would like to sell at Junky, download and fill out this consignment form and email it through to me at and we can sort out a time for you to come an drop your work in!
With prints and apparel (this includes earrings, pins etc) please send photos of your work along with the completed consignment form just to make sure that it fits in with the vibe of the shop :)
If you're wanting to organise an exhibition at Junky send an email through to with details of your exhibition, a few selected dates and some links to your work.

Important Information for Potential Contributors
We DO NOT under ANY circumstances take work that is homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, transphobic or offensive to a minority group. 
We celebrate work that explores personal experiences, however if your work has themes that could be triggering to customers, we ask for you to put a content warning on the front of your zine/comic/book. We will not under any circumstances accept work that exploits or celebrates triggering content. 
We also do not accept work that slanders a person/persons and uses defamatory language to target an individual and/or individuals. 
Junky Comics prides itself on being a safe space for all so please respect our staff, artists and customers. If your work doesn't abide by these guidelines we will not be able to accept it. 
If you are unsure if your work is appropriate, please do not hesitate to contact us at
It is EXTREMELY important that you keep a record of the stock that you have in the store. We keep a record of everyones work but because 90% of the stock in store is on consignment in case if things go missing it is your responsibility to keep on top of what you have of yours in store! 
If things go missing and theres no record we can't pay you!