'Burger Force Volume 2' Jackie Ryan

Jackie Ryan

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'Burger Force Volume 2' Jackie Ryan

"Having trouble with that pesky threat to civilisation? Diabolical masterminds getting you down? Relax and turn up the theme music – the agents at your local takeaway are already on the case. In a secret facility located beneath a fast food restaurant, special undercover operatives set aside thickshakes and fries to thwart diabolical masterminds committing crimes against pop culture. Such crimes include (but are not limited to) nefarious dating agency schemes, assassin line-dancers, and cock-rockers gone (even more) wrong. Into this strange world wanders the even stranger Mercury, a hapless young man with an unusual and unwanted talent: he keeps hallucinating characters from classical fiction. The agents of Burger Force know a thing or two about diabolical masterminds attempting to manifest characters from classical fiction and must discover whether Mercury can help save the world as they know it – or if that world needs saving from him. Burger Force: the pop culture detective agency that rights awkward wrongs while whipping up a tasty value meal."


Burger Force is an Aurealis Award-winning independent comic from Australia that features real people and locations that have been ‘comified’ through an unweildy combination of software and hand retouching. It is written, directed, designed, photographed, edited, produced, location-scouted, costume-designed, and a bunch of other control-freak stuff by Jackie Ryan. The first story arc was written in 1999, and the scripts for subsequent episodes were completed over a 10-year period. The first shoot for Burger Force took place in December 2008 and production is ongoing. The comic first appeared online in September 2009 and a respectable number of episodes are now available in print.

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