Dailies #2

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Dailies #2

Dailies was a project where artists were asked to draw a short comic about their day. These comics were then compiled into a collection. 

August 2012   |   64 pages   |   Tabloid paper size   |   8 pages full colour  

Artists in Order of Appearance:
Tim Danko, Al Stark, M. P. Fikaris, David Ghostpatrol, Tim Molloy, Tom Civil, Jo Waite, Kristin McIver, D.C. Mahler, B.D. Caleo, Pheelix, Callum Donoghue, Athonk Sapto Raharjo, Jase Harper, S.D. Dodds, James Bonnici, Mike Makatron, Andrew Fulton, Caroline Ierodiaconou, Texta Queen, Clint Qray, Marc Pearson, Mandy Ord, Simon Hanselmann, Michal Hawkins, Grant Gronewald, ...Sam Wallman, Aaron O'Donnell, Glenn Smith, Leigh Rigozzi, Stewart Cole, Michael Meneghetti, Mel Rowsell, Fred Fowler, Cecilia Fogelberg, Joel Gailer, Bastian, James James, Dan Cross, Dan Sibley, Time Sterling, Girl Mountain, Tonez Dowd, Mars Monsta, Peter Fraser, Baskoro Latu, Seb Fransz, LachLan, K.J. Mangan. 

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