Dailies #3

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Dailies #3

Dailies was a project where artists were asked to draw a short comic about their day. These comics were then compiled into a collection. 

February 2013   |   64 pages   |   Quarter Fold Stapled Magazine paper   |   8 pgs colour  

Artists in Order of Appearance:

Kieran Mangan, Leigh Rigozzi, Sam Wallman, Tom O'hern, M. P. Fikaris, Simon Hanselmann, David Ghostpatrol, Rachel Torbett, Brent Willis, Sarah Laing, Duckling Monster, G-Frenzy, Ralphi, Jerome Bihan, Stefan Neville & Clayton Noone, Jessica Dew, Chris Cudby, James James, Tokerau Wilson, Tim Molloy, Edward Gains, Sophie Watson, Indira Neville, Esther Galloway, Lucy Spike Danko, Wilco Gains, Tim Kidd, Alex Wild, Toby Morris, Corn Stone, Demarnia Lloyd-Harris, Glenn Ross, Crystal Diamond,Tim Danko, Michael Hawkins, Dave Mahler, Clint Qray, MPF & Dan Cross, Aaron O'Donnell, Anthony Woodward, Klara, Mervin Heers, Dan Sibley, Lachlan Conn.

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