'Moments' Zine (Creative Mornings Brisbane)

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'Moments' Zine (Creative Mornings Brisbane)
'Moments' Zine (Creative Mornings Brisbane)

This magazine was created in conjunction with the Creative Mornings 'Moments' chapter. People from the Brisbane Creative Mornings community were given a goodie bag that included a disposable camera. With the help of photographer Peri Ewin, these shots were then compiled into a shot list, inspired by moments she herself captured. Using the next 10 exposures on the disposable camera we asked people to capture the following listed moments in order.

1. Capture any moment at the CM Feb event

2. PDA

3. A Pool

4. Someone crossing the road

5. Someone sleeping

6. A piece of art

7. Morning or afternoon light

8. A mirror selfie

9. A portrait of a friend

10. capture a moment at Day Made Supreme in Woolloongabba.


The pages of this zine contain a collection of some of the moment captured as a result of the brief!


This issue was put together with the help of the Creative Mornings Brisbane team and photogrpaher Peri Ewin.


CreativeMornings is a monthly breakfast lecture series for all creative types and it’s finally made it’s way to Brisbane, Australia. Each event is free and includes a 20 minute talk & coffee. 

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