'My Big Life' Bailey Sharp

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'My Big Life' Bailey Sharp

MY BIG LIFE by Bailey Sharp 
32 pages, Perfect Bound, 12.5cm x 17cm, 2 colour risgraph insides, 2 colour risograph cover.

My Big Life is somebody's memoir. It includes thoughts on time, relationships, stealing, instagram, books, assholes and self-mythologizing.

"Somehow when you look at Bailey’s characters you can see the way they carry their weight, their heads turn long around corners, there’s lots of bloop movement, even though the drawing is static it’s also animated. Her drawings explore how we all have strange power and consequence even through the goo of our alienation." 
- Sam Wallman

Bailey Sharp is a cartoonist, animator and educator interested in all forms of visual storytelling. She grew up in Georgia but now lives and works in Australia. She is the art editor at The Lifted Brow along with her partner Ben Juers. You can follow her on instagram @nobailey


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