'Set To Sea' Drew Weing


This beautifully illustrated short graphic novel by Drew Weing is one that I find myself keep coming back to and flicking through to make sure that I have captured each and every panel.

The story is of a poet that spends his time pottering around bars, getting drunk and attempting to find inspiration for his poetry however just keeps on getting pissed and falling asleep everywhere. He somehow gets shanghaied onto a ship heading toward Hong Kong and has some super brutal adventures on the sea. Some involving pirates and lots of stabbing. 

This novel, not text heavy. A a panel to a page. Each panel is so intricately illustrated however is extremely easy to follow and flows in a very smooth way. 


Ranked #5 on New York Magazine's Top Ten Comics of 2010

Selected by Robot 6 as one of The 50 Best Covers of 2010


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