'Synonyms For Passion' Marc Pearson

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'Synonyms For Passion' Marc Pearson

Synonyms for Passion 
24 page soap opera mini-comic. 
Long Necked Bird is on the run with a mysterious package, and Algon wakes up to find himself alone in Puddle. Passions ebb and flow and danger comes to the shores of the beach town Caldon.

Drawn in 3 days for Sticky Institute's Festival of the Photocopier Zine Fair 2019. 
Print run of 100.

1 colour risograph insides (fluro pink with spoonful of blue ink so it's a new colour called "pink") on Kaskad 100gsm Skylark Violet paper. 
1 colour cover (mint) on 135gsm Quill Black paper.

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