The Eye Creative Issue 13

The Eye Creative

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The Eye Creative Issue 13

100 pages of incredible creative inspiration await you in issue 13 of The Eye Creative Magazine. We're so excited to announce some mind-blowing features within this issue, including favourites Ball Park Music, Alex the Astronaut and Glost Studios, and best of all - our cover artist and New York Times Illustrator Mark Conlan!

Born by the side of the road on a cold, wet summers day (can't half tell it's Melbourne), The Eye Creative was a light-bulb moment turned success for Founder and Editor, Samii Lund.

ā€‹In 2015, Samii left her full-time real estate marketing career to jump head first into the unknown life of 'following a passion'.

After hitting reality with a rather large, painful thud not long after doing this, Samii formed the idea of a creative hub. Somewhere, where creative minds alike could explore, share, collaborate and celebrate the wild adventure that is art.

Thus, with a coffee in hand and the sudden regret of not having an umbrella in the middle of February, The Eye Creative was born.

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