'The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood' Wallace Wood

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'The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood' Wallace Wood

Who was WALLACE WOOD? The maddest artist of Mad magazine? The man who saved Marvel’s Daredevil? The self-publishing pioneer of witzend? The greatest science fiction artist of them all? The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood Volume 2 is an oversized, visually stunning, and intimate portrait of one of the most mythic figures in American cartooning. Bursting with a cornucopia of gorgeous artwork and photos, this volume features a fascinating Rashamonlike collection of vivid remembrances by Wood’s friends, colleagues, assistants, and loved ones.

Even as they explore the playful spirit and psychological twists of this complicated maverick of American pop culture, they frankly discuss his struggles with censorship and alcoholism and his slide into the realm of pornography. Carefully compiled over more than three decades by Wood assistant Bhob Stewart, The Life and Legend of Wallace Wood Volume 2completes this remarkably revealing and intimate portrait of a legendary comics creator.

Contributors include Larry Hama, John Workman, Trina Robbins, Paul Krassner, Flo Steinberg, Tom Sutton, Bill Pearson, Tatjana Wood, and Paul Levitz. A special tribute gallery includes artwork by Robert Crumb, Dan Clowes, Michael T. Gilbert, Al Feldstein, Dave Sim, Michael Cho, Drew Friedman, and Marie Severin.

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